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I am a Machine Learning Scientist in Amazon, working on general-purpose recommender systems. This is a precious and mostly harmless environment to practice statistical skills such as bias-variance trade-offs, optimal designs of experiments, causal reasoning, dynamic system modeling, etc.

I was a PhD graduate from Machine Learning Department, Carnegie Mellon University. I work on active search, which is a set of algorithms that help users find all positive examples in an unknown environment by selecting queries and learning from their label feedback. Usually, the labels are costly. My research aims to use active search for complex tasks where the queries and rewards are not necessarily directly related.

My work enabled many new applications in information discovery, social science, and robotics. While solving these problems, I also built theoretical insights using spectral graph theories, regret analysis, combinatorial optimization, information theory, and more.

Concepts in interactive machine learning can help/has helped us better understand passive machine learning. Conversely, successes from passive learning can inspire active systems to handle more sophisticated applications. My hope is to bring the best of both worlds to build new applications.


Conference Papers

  1. Yifei Ma*, Balakrishnan (Murali) Narayanaswamy*, Haibin Lin, Hao Ding. Temporal-Contextual Recommendation in Real-Time. KDD 2020. (*Equal contribution authors) [Best Paper in Applied Data Science Track] [paper] [talk] [slides]
  2. Tengyang Xie, Yifei Ma, Yu-Xiang Wang. Towards optimal off-policy evaluation for reinforcement learning with marginalized importance sampling. NeurIPS 2019. [paper]
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  1. Yifei Ma. Thesis: Active search with Complex Actions and Rewards [doc] [slides]
  2. Yifei Ma. Data Analysis Project: Sigma-Optimality for Active Learning on Gaussian Random Fields. [paper]


  1. Haibin Lin, Hang Zhang, Yifei Ma, Tong He, Zhi Zhang, Sheng Zha, Mu Li. Dynamic mini-batch SGD for elastic distributed training: learning in the limbo of resources. arXiv:1904.12043. 2019. [paper]
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Citadel LLC. Quantitative Researcher Intern. 5/2014-8/2014 at Chicago.


Ph.D. Student in Machine Learning, Carnegie Mellon University, 8/2011-now.

B.S. in Automation, Dual B.S. in Mathematics, Tsinghua University, 8/2007-7/2011.

Exchange Study (Credits Transferred), Georgia Inst. of Technology, 8/2009-12/2009.

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